1.	Robert Eagle shows off a nice male cutthroat on spawn day.Robert Eagle shows off a nice male cutthroat on spawn day.

	1.	Anglers fishing off the Tufa rocks located along the west shore.Anglers fishing off the Tufa rocks located along the west shore.

GeoWeb Networking

Please visit this Place Based Social & Interest Networking project and "join" in on the collaborative discussion and submission of ideas, photographs and special interests. Pyramid Lake Water Quality & Fisheries Network.

GeoWeb (&/or Geo Spatial) Networking is a process that describes people working together to identify, share, and produce knowledge and information about geographic places on the Internet.

This Pyramid Lake Fisheries web site provides an example of how a GeoWeb Network can expand. Currently there are several fishing, boat launch and hatchery locations on the Truckee River and Pyramid Lake that have been placed on an interactive map that provides links to more detailed knowledge, information and photographs about each. Many more such locations can be added in the future to the map and the web site.

It is becoming increasingly common for citizens, students and community groups to become involved in environmental and water quality issues by using available interest/social networking tools. One of the most flexible and customizable of these is provided by Ning.com.

Links on this page lead to an experimental GeoWeb Networking prototype project we have developed that will allow web site users who join the network to initiate discussion forums, start or join interest groups, submit photographs, videos, stories, documents and links, and create personalized collaborative interactive maps.

Over time, this and similar GeoWeb Networking projects has the potential to involve many more interested citizens in the development and production of Internet information related to Pyramid Lake Fisheries issues and locations. Both the web site and this network will aid in this process.