Runoff into Pyramid Lake, a response to a heavy rainstorm event in ephemeral washes.Runoff into Pyramid Lake, a response to a heavy rainstorm event in ephemeral washes.

Runoff into Pyramid Lake north of Block house.

Fishing Safety

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  • Call 911 for all emergencies.


  • Check with the weather service prior to boating. Be aware of impending storms and winds, which can ‘suddenly’ appear on Pyramid Lake, resulting in lightening, and/or making it difficult to return to boat launch areas.
  • Always have immediate access to life preservers or vests appropriate to the conditions of Pyramid Lake, especially during periods when lake water temperatures are cooler.

Fishing Dangers

  • While fishing, watch for clayey soils when wading in the shallow waters. Clay type soils are typically whitish-gray in color, and very slippery, especially to fisherman walking in waders or rubber boots/shoes. Clayey soils can be found in the South Nets to the “Tamaracks” and other shoreline areas of Pyramid Lake, or along the lower Truckee river.
  • Be aware of newly shifting sands in areas of moderate to severe waves, or where flood waters flow into Pyramid Lake from intense rain storm events. These areas can be like quick sand, and should be avoided. Call 911 immediately in the event someone is stuck or trapped in areas of newly deposited sand.  
  • Best to fish with a partner in case of emergencies, especially in remote areas of Pyramid Lake, where cell phone access can be limited.