Pyramid Lake Fisheries Administration office.Pyramid Lake Fisheries Administration office.

Virginia Calico and Albert John talk business.Virginia Calico and Albert John talk business.

Human Resources and Employment

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Our Department is composed of the executive director, the finance manager and the receptionist. The executive director oversees the managers in all departments and is responsible for the management and administration of the Pyramid Lake Fisheries (PLF) Program.  The executive director coordinates the overall planning, fiscal management, personnel management and inter-departmental programs. He develops and maintains liaison with Federal, State, and local agencies and the public to ensure that the Fisheries Program is consistent with all Federal, State and local regulations.

The finance manager maintains financial records, reports, and internal operations for a Tribal Finance Department and supervises the assigned administrative staff in performing their clerical and record keeping duties.  Visitations, license sales, hatchery tours and coordination with the Pyramid Lake Fisheries Board is handled through our receptionist who will greet you in the front office of our Administrative Building located at 603 Sutcliffe Drive.