Norm Frazier tagging in the new fish tagging trailer.Norm Frazier tagging in the new fish tagging trailer.

Close up of injecting an elastomer marking in a 10 month old cutthroatClose up of injecting an elastomer marking in a 10 month old cutthroat.


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Numana Hatchery

Numana Hatchery is located 8 miles north of Wadsworth, NV on Highway 447. This facility was dedicated to the people of Pyramid Lake and their efforts to restore the Hupa-Agai (cutthroat trout). The hatchery, completed in 1982, is named after Captain Dave Numana, a tribal leader, rancher and peacemaker. Numana Hatchery is the largest hatchery within the Pyramid Lake Fisheries with a total fish capacity of 20,000 pounds. Eggs taken at Lake Operations in the spring are transported here and raised from fry to fingerling size before being transported back to Sutcliffe for acclimation to the alkaline water of Pyramid Lake. Up to 800,000 eggs are incubated here annually. 

At this hatchery, 10 to 15 % of all fish raised are tagged with either a coded-wire tag or an injection of a bright colored plastic elastomer.  Pyramid Lake Fisheries has developed a portable fish tagging trailer that facilitates the tagging process.  These tags allow fisheries personnel to look at the performance of certain year classes of fish and evaluate the success of different stocking strategies.  Anglers also help in this effort and retrieve noses from tagged fish, providing them to biologist after a day of fishing at the lake.