Desmond and Betsy picking eggs from the 2011 spawn at the Dunn Hatchery, while Robert Eagle talks shop.Desmond and Betsy picking eggs from the 2011 spawn at the Dunn Hatchery, while Robert Eagle talks shop.

Cui-ui at Dunn Hatchery.Cui-ui at Dunn Hatchery.

Visitors display at the Dunn Hatchery.Visitors display at the Dunn Hatchery.


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Dunn Hatchery

Dunn Hatchery is located in Sutcliffe, on the west shore of Pyramid Lake.  The facility was named after Peter Dunn, a tribal member who lost his life during the early phases of the program.  Hatchery construction commenced in 1974 and fish production was initiated in 1975.

This hatchery is a 95% reuse facility and production is limited to 2,500 pounds because of its small size.  Up to 400,000 trout eggs are incubated here annually. The hatchery is also used as a training base for tribal members to gain experience and education in fish husbandry.

Early spring to late spring tours are often available here and at the Lake Operations facility where thousands of fingerlings and stocking size cutthroat trout can be observed outdoors in the rearing pools, raceways and spawn channel.  For hatchery tours, please call (775) 476-0500.

Koch Cui-ui Hatchery

The Koch Cui-ui Hatchery located in Sutcliffe, Nevada is dedicated to the memory of Dave Koch who was the first to pioneer the culture of Cui-ui .  The Cui-ui is a rare sucker-type fish that today is only found in Pyramid Lake, NV.  This lake sucker, once found in both Winnemucca Lake and Pyramid Lake was listed as an endangered species in 1967.  Although the fish is long lived ( up to 40 years), it had difficulty in ascending the Truckee River to spawn due to diverted flows and changing river access as lake elevations declined.  The hatchery was constructed in 1974 to facilitate and supplement recovery of this species in Pyramid Lake.  The hatchery raises the endangered Cui-ui to supplement the population in the lake.