Anglers fishing on ladders at the "North Nets beach."Anglers fishing on ladders at the "North Nets beach."

Jerry Cooper of Reno with a 12 pound plus Lahontan cutthroat trout caught on a size 10 bead head midge.Jerry Cooper of Reno with a 12 pound plus Lahontan cutthroat trout caught on a size 10 bead head midge.

Fishing at Pyramid Lake is for anglers of all ages.Fishing at Pyramid Lake is for anglers of all ages.

News and Reports

Check out this page to view the latest press releases from the Tribal Headquarters, weekly and monthly Creel Reports and our quarterly Creel Chronicles. We will also be posting some or our latest research findings and fisheries observations.

Press Releases

Creel Reports

Creel Census is an important activity at Pyramid Lake Fisheries. We operate two creel census stations. Each weekend during the trout fishing season, our resource technicians operate a creel census station on the Pyramid Lake Highway near the Pyramid Lake Store. By talking to anglers we receive input on the health of the fishery, the return of tagged fish and angler satisfaction. We encourage you to stop by and provide us with your fishing information.

The second creel census station is located next to the Nixon store at the junction of Highway 446 and Highway 447. We collect fishing information through volunteer creel reports available at both creel stations. Stop by on weekdays and leave a record of your days fishing. We will leave a light on for you.

Those anglers who catch fish that are nose tagged can stop at any time to provide important information on fish length, tag numbers or to leave a nose from the nose tagged fish. Creel summaries are completed each Monday and posted on this site. These creel reports provide important information on the health of our fishery with a data base that has been maintained since 1975. Check out these reports to see if the fishing is picking up or if the big fish are coming in.

Creel Chronicles

Check out our fun newsletter for the latest photos of big fish, monthly angler success graphs and important news that is specific for fisherman. The Fisheries Chronicles are posted every three months. These PDF files can be downloaded and printed or sent to your fishing friends anywhere.